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Renowned Author - Narell I. Hunt




"Illustrious journey of many wonderful and memorable characters that shows the resilience and determination of the human spirit. The author Narell I. Hunt finds a way to create connections at every twist and turns that kept you guessing and make you feel like you’re along for the ride."

Confetti Storm

"In reading Just My Imagination, it not only provided that spark of electricity but it kept me fully engaged with the colorful characters as well as the storyline."

"Riveting ... Captivating"

"Memorable Characters"



Dedicated writer whose love for literature occurred before she could formulate words. Narell would draw circles and lines on blank pages giving them to her parents to read. As she got older, her love for writing continued as she wrote in her journals, entered in poetry contest, and was awarded throughout her educational years for her written works.


Narell pursued her degree and obtained her Bachelor of Science, landing her a career in the legal and social services field. It wasn’t until life pushed her to follow her passion and turn her hobby into a career. Today, Narell is a self-published author and entrepreneur who only wants to share her literature with readers like you.

Piles of Books



"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


Riveting tale about the challenges we face and how my characters deal with them. Their journey takes them to places many would have a hard time believing. Just My Imagination is about the connection we lose to our inner self. It speaks about our soul that wishes to be free, but is trapped by our surroundings, our past and life circumstances. However, no matter how far we go from our greatest self, there is always a way to return. Travel with Onaka, Jeannie, Nilah, Leena and Noni as they take
a journey through my imagination.


Father, May I is a poetry novel consisting of four chapters, titled by the inspiration behind the poems to follow. It dives deep into letters, random thoughts that have been inspired by personal experience and emotion.

 "Father, May I allows me to connect with my readers. Giving a way to get to know me through my inner thoughts and feelings.”



Atlanta, Georgia


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