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Just My Imagination | eBook | Fiction

Just My Imagination | eBook | Fiction

SKU: 9781735235103

Riveting tale about the challenges we face and how my characters deal with them. Their journey takes them to places many would have a hard time believing. Just My Imagination is about the connection we lose to our inner self. It speaks about our soul that wishes to be free, but is trapped by our surroundings, our past and life circumstances. However, no matter how far we go from our greatest self, there is always a way to return. Travel with Onaka, Jeannie, Nilah, Leena and Noni as they take a journey through my imagination.


    Please be advised that this version is for download only - it's an ebook made for kindle and other electronic devices. If you wish to receive a hardcopy version, please see the Paperback format. 


    Once the order is placed, contact for delivery of digital content.

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